Your Feb challenge

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Special pack 12 classes 895 AED

We say that we don’t like challenges but we kind of love it too… For this reason, we came up with an original one for this upcoming month. As challenging as fun, let’s check below the rules of the games.

It’s not one, but 4 challenges to reach across February. Each week we set up a different goal, if you achieve it, you earn a point. At the end of the month you can claim your gift with the number of points that you have earned the whole month of February.

February 1st till February 7th

Complete 5 rides in 7 days

February 8th till February 12th

Double twice in 7 days

February 13th till February 19th

Bring 2 friends to Motion who have not been before

February 20th till February 28th
Attend a “warrior” class, the hardest class you will find in town in a colorful outfit and snap a pic for instagram