Kim – Her feedback on the Kcal meal plan

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Already 1 month ! I just finished my Kcal meal plan and I already kind of missed it. To be honest I don’t know if I miss more the food or the fact that for 30 days I didn’t have to prepare any meal, or both! 

I am sure you guys wants to know what was the result on my body so I will start by that ! 10 days and I was already noticing (and enjoying) the first changes. I will always remember that day when Amelie couldn’t stop commenting on how soft and shiny my skin was. Yes, because the first thing I noticed is the result on the skin itself; It’s crazy how including more vegetables and fruits in your daily food routine can have 10 times the impact of cosmetics. To be frankly honest with you, I didn’t weight myself before and after, so I couldn’t tell you how much I lost, but for sure I did. It’s hard to notice yourself changes in your body, but when everyone starts to tell you “Oh Kim, did you loose weight”, it’s probably true. 

I love the practical side of the meal plan. First, because it’s customizable to your needs thanks to an easy-to-use dashboard where you can adjust your meals; second, because you just put your Kcal bag in front of your door and you wait for your food to be delivered; seriously… You understand why I miss it now ! 

If you have more questions, you can always message me on our Instagram account or by email and if you want to get more in for or register for the plan, click on this link !